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How to hire a handyperson....

Doesn't matter if it is a big project like a full bathroom remodel or something smaller, like putting up shelves, many homeowners turn to handypeople to get the job done.

Here are some tips to ensure that you choose the right person for the job!

1.  Make sure they are qualified.  Some jobs may require professional licenses, electrical and plumbing and 2 examples that come to mind

2.  Don't be afraid to ask for references.  Check online, get previous customers names and numbers.  Ask about quallity of work, timeliness, professionalish, and how satisfied they were with their project.

3.  Check on Insurance coverage!  If your handyperson is injured while working on your property, you may be held liable for insurance costs

4.  Very important to get written estimates and a contract!

It is best to get 3 quotes for the work that you would like done.  The quote needs to be detailed so you can compare quotes.  If you are not clear on something - ask!!

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