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For the Birds

For the Birds

Winter is an ideal time to set out a bird feeder to help keep our little feathered friends full and happy over these cold months. Winter can be hard on one's mental health, what better way to try to find a little bit of happy in these dark & cold winter months than sitting warm and cozy in your house & watching the birds. Who doesn't love watching the cute little birds chow down & frolic in bird feeders?

Here's some tips when it comes to winter bird feeders:

1. Use black-oil sunflower seeds to attract the widest variety of birds.
2. In winter, hang a suet basket to provide high-energy food for birds.
3. Use tube feeders with metal guards to help prevent damage from squirrels.
4. Caged feeders also help in keeping out squirrels and large birds.
5. Platform feeders are best for larger birds and ground-feeding species.
6. Use a squirrel baffle to prevent squirrels from climbing up to feeder.
7. If you want to have a bird bath year round, install one that has an electric heater to avoid the bird bath freezing up.

Not sure what to put in the feeders over the harsh cold months? Try out some of these ideas:

1. Black oil sunflower seeds

2. Shelled, unsalted peanuts

3. Suet , good source of fat for the birds

4. Good mixed seed

5. Nyjer/thistle seed

6. Safflower

7. Cracked corn

8. Mealworms

9. Fruit

10. Homemade bird treats


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